'a gorgeous tone, a thoughtful approach to phrasing and an infectious sense of impetuosity....The {Sonata in B flat] needs a serenely introspective performance, and gets one. Ridout makes the most of the viola’s cellist timbre in the first moment and the operatic sway of the second movement barcarolle....{Ridout] relishes the technical showmanship of the Capriccio in C minor and the exuberance of the neo-baroque Étude.'

The Gramophone / Champs Hill Vieuxtemps CD / May 2017

This is an impressive debut recording by any standards.....The only work for solo viola here is the short ‘Capriccio’ ... and Ridout’s command here is impressive.....The disc closes with a perfect encore piece, ‘Souvenir d’Amérique’, a set of variations on ‘Yankee Doodle’ ... and once again Ridout is in complete command of its demands.

Classical Notes / Champs Hill Vieuxtemps CD / July 2017